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Hobbiton, Matamata, New Zealand

These are my most presciooousssss memories of New Zealand: Hobbiton’s holes! When we arrived on the set Peter Jackson and his crew had left not long ago so everything was just perfect, the flowers, the trees (can you believe some of them are fake?), the Hobbits’ holes all painted and real. We were SO lucky. But then they made us sign a paper saying we were not gonna show our pics to anyone or on the Internet until after The Hobbit movie was released. And we actually respected that.

But now that the movie is out…well there’s no need to wait anymore so, here they are with the usual suggestion: go, go, go to New Zealand if you can, it’s the best place in the world AND Middle Earth, for real.

New York we love you













Just a few shots I took in New York, on our October holiday just before Sandy arrived.

I love this city, can’t say much more.

5 top Nick Cave videos


To celebrate Nick Cave‘s new single and long awaited comeback, I thought it could be nice to dedicate him a 5 video post. Five is a number that does him no justice of course, with his long series of beautiful songs and beautiful albums it’s almost impossible to decide which one will be taking part of this round-up, so I decided to publish 5 not-so-famous videos, hoping that those who just know Mr Cave for his (amazing) duet and ballad with Kylie Minogue, will be inspired by his talent and maybe recover his whole discography. Enjoy.


The Mercy Seat – from Tender Prey (1988)


Red Right Hand – from Let Love In (1994)

Are You The One (That I’ve Been Waiting For) – The Boatman’s call (1997)

Fifteen Feet Of Pure White Snow – from No More Shall We Part (2001)

Breathless – from The Lyre of Orpheus (2004)

On the Street…

via The Sartorialist

I was so honoured and a little bit shocked when I saw this pic on Scott Schuman’s blog. Of course I knew he took this pic of me after the (really good I must admit) Roberto Cavalli show, but I’m not the easiest subject to shoot (nose, age, whatever anyone?) and I thought “Oh well, I’ll never see this published!”. And then this came out and well, I love this picture. Guess this is why he’s The Sartorialist and others aren’t.

I’m wearing Rag&Bone hat, DrMartens boots, Comptoir des cotonniers dress, Lazzari jacket and Chloé “Sally” bag via RunIn2

Maria per Lazzari






Woolen jumper and ballet skirt Lazzari



Turban and shirt Lazzari





Coat, shirt and cropped trousers Lazzari






Mini dress with collar studs Lazzari




Smoking jacket and flare pants Lazzari

Yesterday I teamed up with my friends and collegues at Grazia.it, Gabriele Verratti and Daniela Losini, to shoot one of the most beautiful and interesting girls out there right now. Maria Host is not only a stunning beauty, but she’s the most sweet, kind, humble girl. She’s studying fashion right now and I’m more than sure she’ll do great things with her wit and great style.

For this shooting we decided to style 4 looks (plus the one with the wool turban, chic!) mixing some of the best f/w 2012-13 Lazzari pieces (Have you seen the new website? Great). I’m personally in love with the blue mini-dress, the smoking jacket, the pois trousers… (and the faux-lamb coat is actually mine!) And the ballet skirt? Just amazing.

I just leave you to the pics, I think they can do all the talk, hope you like them.

Styling Gabriele Verratti
Make-up Daniela Losini
Clothes Lazzari

November leaves



Black Lazzari dress

Lazzari jacket and skirt, Jil Sander shirt

Last week-end B. was back from Bruxelles where she lives and we immediately took the chance to shoot some pics in my garden at home. I love when the leaves are all red on the green grass and the garden looks like a painting, it makes me forget the fog and the cold!

Most of the clothes are from the amazing Lazzari f/w 2012 collection, the blue jacket is just so classic and the black dress the right length for this season. I’m gonna wear them all winter long.

Gold Dust

Blackhair’s Tumblr

A Sorta Fairytale – Tori Amos



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