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Blackhair’s analog pics

View from the Museo del Novecento in Milan.


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Hobbiton, Matamata, New Zealand

These are my most presciooousssss memories of New Zealand: Hobbiton’s holes! When we arrived on the set Peter Jackson and his crew had left not long ago so everything was just perfect, the flowers, the trees (can you believe some of them are fake?), the Hobbits’ holes all painted and real. We were SO lucky. But then they made us sign a paper saying we were not gonna show our pics to anyone or on the Internet until after The Hobbit movie was released. And we actually respected that.

But now that the movie is out…well there’s no need to wait anymore so, here they are with the usual suggestion: go, go, go to New Zealand if you can, it’s the best place in the world AND Middle Earth, for real.

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Just a few shots I took in New York, on our October holiday just before Sandy arrived.

I love this city, can’t say much more.

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I finally wrote the article about New Zealand I was supposed to be writing here. Well, it’s on Grazia.it Lifestyle channel and it’s in Italian and it’s very funny. We tried to explain some of the Country curiosities and pointed out the coolest places to go to…through the alphabet, so there you can find A like Akaroa, and B like Bay of Islands and of course K like Kiwis! If you’re interested in going for a tour in that heavenly place I suggest you read it or, at least, have a look at the photogallery to finally convince yourself and go!

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Farm in Matamata

Welcome to Hobbiton

Feed the lambs


Wine in Hahei

Bay of Islands

Memories from New Zealand‘s North Island: Matamata amazing farmstay (can’t show you the Hobbiton’s REAL pics until Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit will come out in December, they mada us SIGN STUFF!), Whangarei falls and shores, Bay of Islands spots.

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Blackhair’s pics

On our way to Rotorua, in New Zealand’s North Island, we found this really weird village, where a lot of buildings and a lot of decorations on the houses were made of this really thin metal that people there bent to create funny animal shapes. You can see a sheep here (it was a sportwear shop) but there was also a wolf, a dog and loads of birds.

Birds are so important to Newzealanders, a lot of species are in danger and are very rare, so we went to the Rainbow Springs Kiwi Parklife to see some and we also had the chance to come back at night to spot some Kiwi coming out to eat. Sweet.

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Blackhair’s pics

What a wonderful city, so young and cool. We stayed there just a couple of days but we were immediately charmed by Auckland‘s atmosphere, little diners, up and down streets and high palaces from which you can see the whole city, the harbour, the sea. We. need. to. go. back. there.

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