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Laura, one year after our first little shooting at the lake.

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Ale wearing the beautiful Lazzari reversible cape. One side it’s military green like a parka, the other side you’re a very fashionable lady Sherlock.

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I just love Autumn.

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Long deep black hair, perfect make-up and big oversized t-shirts. Laura (Giulia’s twin sister) knows exactly what she wants and likes to wear, to do and to listen to. Her rocker, dark attitude (which of course I find irresistible) is soften by her sweet eyes and her sweet face. She’s the one who truly likes to experiment stuff in the beauty/hair department: she dyed her hair multiple times, she had one side of her head totally white and the other one totally black, she shaved part of her hair and so on. I respect you girl.

I’m wandering if she will stay true to this hip-hop guyish vibe or if I’ll start seeing her on high heels and A-line skirts soon. That should be FUN.


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Giulia is the protagonist of the second August series of pics. She and her sister Laura are twins, and I remember I couldn’t tell each other apart when they were younger. Now, at sixteen years old, they developed a different personality and a very different style, but their features will always tell you the truth.

Here you can see Giulia caught completely “off guard”, no make-up, college socks and a big grey jumper. Just as simple and perfect as you could imagine a teenager during a lazy Summer afternoon by the pool. Her nonchalant, accidental nineties style immediately conquered me.


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Dress by forte_forte

This August I spent one week at my husband’s house at the gorgeous Lake of Garda. Unfortunately the weather was so bad that we were forced to stay inside and find all kinds of recreational activities like board games, cards, cooking banana breads and croissants, reading books and magazines of all sorts and so on.

Lucky for me I had my camera and I could herass my husband’s teen cousins for days. Three sisters, so similar and yet so different one from the other in character and style, I’m so curious to see them grow up and evolve. I guess I’ll be there shooting them every Summer.

First of this August batch is Martina, the eldest. Twenty years old and a smile that could (and probably would) conquer the world. I love how her tattoos clash with the romantic forte_forte baby blue pleated dress. Enjoy.

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Blackhair’s Tumblr

So now we live beside the pool, where everything is good – Lorde

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Dress Tory Burch


Camicia vintage, borsa Stella McCartney


Décolletées Sergio Rossi


Dress Tory Burch, shoes Sergio Rossi, bag Gianlisa

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Blackhair’s analog pics

It was so lovely to shoot Giulia Torelli from Rock’n Fiocc in Milano for Grazia.it. We went for a pink very sweet vibe in a sunny April Sunday morning. Little make-up, dreamy, casual clothes with the exception of my Sergio Rossi cage sexy heels.

Oh, and I love that she’s reading Ubik by Philip Dick, it makes her unexpectedly nerdy, in a very cute way.


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Blackhair’s analog pics

In 2 days I’ll be leaving for New York Fashion Week (yay!) and be reunited with my wonderful cousin Federica who lives there (double yay!). We shot these pics during Christmas holidays featuring these amazing Jil Sander white boots and Trussardi wide leather pants and it was incredibly warm compared to the -12 I’ll find in NY City.

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Blackhair’s analog pics

Alessandra playing sexy secretary on a grey, misty day. Totally in love with this mood. Wearing Asos Africa skirt, Prada glasses and heels, Zara black wool jumper.

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