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Strongly obsessing with PALMS

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Alice growing up

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The best thing to do at the lake in Summer: taking pics of Alice and see how fast she’s growing up.

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Beautiful tall agave, my obsession for the holiday

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Cala Azzurra


Favignana’s countryside


Cala Rossa

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Exploring the island by bicycle with Elena


Me and Elena by K.

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At Lido Burrone

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At the Punta Sottile lighthouse

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Watching the sunset

A quick holiday album of our 5 days in the magnificent Favignana island in Sicily. I guess explaining the beauty of this place just with words is too reductive for such an incredible location, so small and yet so eclectic with its ever changing shorelines, its white little roads to sweep by bicycle, its food, smells, sounds and everlasting peace.

It was the perfect June getaway and we’re already thinking about going back in October when, the islanders tell us, the water is warmer and the tourists are long gone.

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Up there

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Some time ago near Courmayeur.

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Ale wearing the beautiful Lazzari reversible cape. One side it’s military green like a parka, the other side you’re a very fashionable lady Sherlock.

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It’s duvet season! And here’s a very special one, the Duane by Peuterey, a supercool duvet-t-shirt to play with like Maria, Elena and Michela did. Too bad you can’t see the beautiful colors but… it’s also black & white season for me!

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Bomber Lacoste live!, top H&M, skirt vintage




Dress Tory Burch, sunglasses Maki, shoes Converse


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Denim jacket Diesel, shirt Lazzari, shorts Marni Denim, shoes Rochas


Giovanna is one of those super sweet girls with a super sweet voice and gentle manners. But place her in front of a camera and she completely transforms in a real model. She knows hot to move, how to pose, she’s not shy at all, and most of all she’s got eyes so deep that can pierce right through you and your lenses.

It was a blast to shoot her in this back to school inspired editorial for Grazia.it

Make-upby my friend and Grazia’s beauty editor Daniela Losini

PS. Funny story, for a misunderstanding Giovanna didn’t bring any clothes of her own the day of the shooting, so most of the pieces she’s wearing are form my own (very back to school inspired) wardrobe : )

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Giulia is the protagonist of the second August series of pics. She and her sister Laura are twins, and I remember I couldn’t tell each other apart when they were younger. Now, at sixteen years old, they developed a different personality and a very different style, but their features will always tell you the truth.

Here you can see Giulia caught completely “off guard”, no make-up, college socks and a big grey jumper. Just as simple and perfect as you could imagine a teenager during a lazy Summer afternoon by the pool. Her nonchalant, accidental nineties style immediately conquered me.


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Blackhair’s analog pics

Alessandra playing sexy secretary on a grey, misty day. Totally in love with this mood. Wearing Asos Africa skirt, Prada glasses and heels, Zara black wool jumper.

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